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The Commercial Office Cleaning Company You Can Trust in Ann Arbor

Experts at maintaining a clean and sanitary corporate environment

Ann Arbor has 150+ municipal parks densely packed with over 50,000 trees, and is the reason why one of its apt better-known nicks is “Tree Town.” When spring arrives, the trees sprouting flowers complemented by all round lush greenery make most Ann Arborites breathe a sigh of relief after a cold, drawn out winter.

The enthusiasm is lost on some residents of Ann Arbor however, as spring allergy season gets underway. Commercial buildings sprawling Ann Arbor from the Main Street Business District in downtown Ann Arbor to the Westgate/West Stadium areas to the West may be fortified against the elements and an onslaught of pathogens, but tree allergens still find their way into workplaces where they can trigger allergies and reduce productivity of employees.

As spring rolls off, summer and fall afterwards introduce their respective allergy seasons. In addition to irritants, invisible microorganisms if left unchecked would contribute a fair share of avoidable problems.

Thus, for the astute business owner, a sanitary corporate environment is not optional. It is a vital ingredient in the recipe for commercial success. The RNA Janitorial comprehensive commercial cleaning service is the perfect service you need to help maintain a clean and hygienic office environment.

We Have Got You Covered in A2

Today’s offices have evolved to become expressions of a company’s identity and values. That is only one reason why businesses require wildly varying cleaning needs. Some other reasons are the industry in which they operate, regulations, and size of the facility.

However, regardless of how and when you need us to clean your office, we are available to provide a well-priced, top-of-the-line janitorial service that matches and exceeds your expectations. You call the shots and we deliver religiously.

You can get across to us right now, on how we can be of service to you by calling 677-RNA-7511.

We are ready to accommodate your cleaning request whether you need us for a/an

  • One-time job or a long-term contract
  • A pre- or post-event cleanup
  • Emergency or regular cleanup
  • Daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning schedule
  • Office building or an industrial complex

Why Ann Arbor’s Businesses Trust Us

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

At RNA Janitorial, Green Cleaning is not a buzz phrase; it is the philosophy at the heart of what we do at RNA Janitorial. We are very cautious of the environmental impact of the cleaning materials we use, how we use them in Ann Arbor, and where we use them as part of our holistic, uncompromising drive to protect the environment.

Clean Excellence Model

Armed with over two decades of experience offering high quality commercial janitorial services and the expertise of offering same services to hundreds of businesses in more than half a dozen different industries, we have developed and continually improved our unique, proprietary methodology of cleaning.

We call it the Clean Excellence Model and it is one of the core reasons why our 1st cleanup of your property will be of the same high standards as the 34th cleanup, the 73rd cleanup, or even the 734th cleanup.

Flexible and Reliable

We offer 100% bespoke cleaning services that are optimized around what you want. To our growing, satisfied list of commercial and corporate clients, we are not just a cleaning contractor; we are a business partner.

We listen attentively to you, make necessary recommendations, and draft a compendium of the cleaning tasks you need us to undertake, when you need them done, and more importantly, how you need them done. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we ensure that we dutifully and consistently deliver our wide range of cleaning services to clients with no hassle.

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Experienced, Highly Trained Staff

Our exceptional staff are an integral part of our operations. We leave no stone unturned in selecting, vetting, and regularly training the staff who enter your premises to take care of your hypercritical business environment.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are well trained and poised to clean your office safely, timely, and in high compliance to your request.

Value-Oriented Pricing

We believe that business owners do not have to break the bank to maintain an impeccably hygienic office environment in Ann Arbor. We offer our high-end cleaning services at competitive rates with very clear verbiage in our binding contract of exactly what you are paying for.

No complexities! No hidden fees! No surprises!

We Are Itching To Serve You in Tree Town

Your business, employees, and clients deserve a clean, hygienic, and sanitary corporate environment to work and do business in. Hire the best cleaning contractor in A2 to provide a high quality service that matches your lofty standards.

You can give us a quick call at 677-RNA-7511 or fill a short request form to get your FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote.