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The Premier Office Janitorial Contractor in Farmington Hills

A Clean Office Environment is Not Optional

The health, comfort, and productivity of your employees represent one of the paramount pillars of commercial success. A clean corporate facility is essential to keep this pillar standing; as it is certain that your employees would overwhelmingly prefer a neat, pristine workspace to a dirty, unkempt alternative.

Your clients would make a similar choice if presented with the same options—a steadily maintained facility with a professional appearance or a seldom-cleaned facility.

What you want is simple. You want a top-quality office janitorial contractor that will deliver exceptional cleaning service according to a strict schedule with minimal disruption to your business activities, staff, and the environment.

RNA Janitorial is Your Go-To Cleaning Company in Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills has a robust business community sprawled across 17 business parks with a combined square footage of 34 million square feet and other pockets of commercial areas in the city. Wherever you are located, regardless of your industry type, and size of your facility; RNA Janitorial is fortified with the requisite expertise and experience to provide unrivaled commercial janitorial services in Farmington Hills, MI.

We are flexible to provide the exact services that match your needs and preferred schedule whilst being reliable and consistent regardless of whether it is a one-time or continuous service delivery. Making your facility impeccably sanitized every time we clean is our #1 priority.

You Deserve Excellent Service Delivery

Clean Excellence Model

Consistency is one of the key qualities of our exquisite office cleaning service. We are able to improve the appearance of and eliminate the pathogens in your facility REPEATEDLY with the help of our proprietary Clean Excellence Model.

Over two decades, we have put together, fine-tuned, and improved a unique methodology of cleaning that guarantees same top-quality service delivery for every client, regardless of personalized cleaning needs.

Our committed, experienced staff are all well-versed in the intricacies of this model and other cleaning best practices to ensure adequate adaptation for your customized cleaning requirements.

Green Cleaning

We are not only focused in helping your office maintain its professional appeal, we are doubly dedicated to maintaining the health of your employees and the environment.

We are a member of the elite U.S. Green Building Council and we go the extra mile to support and make use of green cleaning initiatives that protect the environment. This influences our choice of vendors to patronize, what products we use, how we train our staff, and how we cleaning your office environment.

Become the Newest Addition to Our Growing List of Satisfied Clients in Farmington Hills

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