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Full-Service Professional Commercial Janitorial Company in Novi, MI

A Sanitary Office Environment is good for Business

Whether in spring, summer, fall, or winter; pathogens don’t take a break and are always on the offensive. In the workspace, they attempt to trifle with the health of your employees, which is bad news for your business in Novi.

Thus, hiring a dedicated, high-end commercial janitorial company goes further than maintaining a neat workspace for your employees. It is equally important for the office environment to be hygienic and sanitary.

At RNA Janitorial, we understand the importance of a neat appearance and a hygienic setting to your workers and clients. We model our cleaning services appropriately to be about both eliminating conspicuous dirt and microscopic pathogens.

Redefining Commercial Cleaning in Novi

We do this effectively and efficiently thanks to superb equipment and materials, well-trained staff, and an exceptional methodology of cleaning we call the Clean Excellence Model. Our innovative, proprietary model ensures that our cleaning service consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

We Are Committed to Preserving the Environment

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients is our primal goal, but we are committed to doing so in a way that least affects the environment negatively.

Green Cleaning to us is not simply a marketing buzz phrase; it is a philosophy that influences how we deliver commercial janitorial services to businesses in Novi. We go beyond just using green materials to training our staff on eco-friendly cleaning techniques. And ensure that regardless of the needs of our clients, we incorporate these techniques into the personalized action plan for each of our clients.

The Cleaning Partner You Can Trust in Novi, MI

In Novi, we are excited to work with companies of all sizes and in many different industries. We are flexible and reliable enough to accept specialized cleaning requests, instructions, and schedules.

You can give us a call at 677-RNA-7511 to discuss your cleaning needs, make inquiries, and get clarification on various aspects of our janitorial service. You may also go for a QUICK, FREE quote with NO OBLIGATIONS by filling this short form.